Save Time in Healthcare.

Cortico saves doctors and medical staff precious time, so they can deliver better care.

The digital health tools that patients love to use (100% engagement is common).

How Cortico Helps Clinics
Accurate Data In Less Time

Reduce staff hours spent on registration, booking, and data entry. Get accurate patient contact information

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate schedule gaps and no-shows. Control appointment volumes.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Improve patient and doctor satisfaction by reducing in-clinic wait times.

Increase Your Profits

Case study shows 30% decrease in staff cost per appointment.

Online Booking
System that integrates
with your EMR (Oscar, Accuro, OpenEMR, and more)

  • Enable patients to schedule appointments from your website
  • Automatically add appointments to doctor’s schedule in EMR
  • Keep your patients’ contact info up-to-date
  • Allow out-of-province patients to book hassle-free

You can read more about Oscar at Oscar BC, or contact OpenOSP, a service co-operative.

The most complete Telemedicine toolset

  • Consult, diagnose patients and take notes in your EMR alongside using our built-in video conferencing platform
  • Access to your EMR and send rx, lab requisition securely to your patients
  • No app, no password needed, no data stored
  • Secure link, secure platform

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and late cancellations. Decreased wait-times and Increased efficiency.
  • Email and SMS reminders based on appointment types
  • Allow cancel appointment online prior to 24 hours
Private and Secure

Cortico uses security by design, and is in a class of its own for patient privacy. Something that makes Cortico unique as a patient platform is it stores no personal health information, period.


reduced staff cost

Within 2 hours

had patients booking online

5 weeks

filled a new family Doctor's practice

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