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Built by doctors and clinical staff, for medical clinics

In 2015, Greg Baldwin at Kensington Medical Clinic reached out to a local agency owner, Clark, to help improve technology at the clinic.
The result was a great success. Over the next few years, we reduced call volumes from 800/day to zero, and the clinic grew in size and drastically lowered its’ costs and stress levels of doctors, patients and staff.
Others started to take notice of the patient engagement platform we had created. We called it Cortico and made it available for others to use.
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Cortico’s offered in over 100 medical clinics. These clinics have thrived with the product and have become our advocates, evangelists and even investors.

Our Mission

is to let every patient engage with medical care, with 10x less human effort and stress (on the part of the patient, doctor and staff).

Work With Us
Clark Van Oyen's Picture
Clark Van Oyen Owner of Countable Web Productions (~1M/yr agency). Held CTO at Ecotrust Canada
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Dr Greg Baldwin 30 years as pediatrician, medical program manager and clinic owner. Runs KMC, largest pediatric clinic in BC.

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