Walk-in Or Lose Out: Canada’s Shortage of Family Physicians

Statistics Canada reported that over 14.5% of Canadians were still without family doctors.
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How Cortico can help with White Coat Syndrome

4 ways to prevent preventable distorted medical readings
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Podcast #3: Seniors in the World of Virtual Health

Ashley & Kelly from Cortico and special guest Supreet discuss seniors and telehealth.
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How to Prevent MOA Turnover in 3 Simple Ways

MOAs still juggle many tedious tasks, which can lead to overwork and burnout. We describe three...
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Why It's High Time To Upgrade Your Old Legacy Medical Clinic Software To The Latest Technologies Hosted On The Cloud

We provide 5 reasons why your legacy medical clinic software should be upgraded to the latest t...
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Pinktober: 3 FAQs about Breast Cancer Screening

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're reviewing the answers to the three most frequently ask...
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Podcast #2: How Can Clinics get Ready for Flu Season

Ashley and Arun go over strategies to keep a clinic running smoohtly in the flu season rush
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My Co-Op Experience at Cortico

How a Startup Company Stands Out
Read more August 15 | 2 mins read

Podcast #1: Why Google Reviews Are Important for Your Medical Clinic

Ashley Rah from the Cortico Team discusses how online reviews are a game changer
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Where Do EHRs Come From?

A Short History of Electronic Health Records Systems
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Privacy Policy

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COVID Reopening Changing Patient Preferences

Patients now prefer in-person appointments
Read more July 7 | 2 mins read

Is Cortico a Patient Engagement Platform?

Herein we argue Cortico is a new Category of Health Sofware.
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Trends in the Use of Telehealth

Industry trends on prevalence of telehealth before and during COVID-19.
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