Top 7 OSCAR EMR Training Resources

Article Allison Lee
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Transitioning to a new EMR system like OSCAR can be daunting. When I first encountered OSCAR, I faced challenges in finding comprehensive instructions. Now, as a seasoned user and specialist at Cortico, I'm excited to share the most valuable resources I discovered along the way. Here are the top 7 OSCAR EMR training resources, handpicked by Cortico's team of experts!

1. World OSCAR Manual

World OSCAR has a substantial knowledge base where the instructions are easy to follow. It has the largest eForms and documentation repository in the world for OSCAR. The search bar makes it convenient to search exactly what you're looking for.

2. OSCAR User's Manual

OSCAR Canada User Society provides a user manual site for users on older OSCAR versions like version 12. Each EMR version is organized in sections which makes it easy to select your EMR version and get guidance of a feature.

3. OSCAR BC Training Manual for New Users

If you're new to using OSCAR EMR, then this is the manual for you. This training manual gives a basic overview of OSCAR's tools. From learning how to login into OSCAR to how to create ticklers, this manual provides step by step instructions on how to navigate your EMR.

4. OSCAR-based EMRs Training Course

This training course allows you to learn different versions of OSCAR-based EMRs at your own pace online and provides interactive training. This course was designed by clinic consultant, Adrian Starzynski who wants to make it easier for MOAs, clinic staff, and doctors to learn your EMR in the most cost-effective and comprehensive way.

5. OSCAR EMR Training for MOAs

If you're a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) trying to learn how to use your clinic's OSCAR EMR, you should definitely check out these 6 short training videos that OSCAR created just for MOAs! The videos provide easy to follow lessons on how to create new appointments, adding new patients to the EMR, and how to communicate through OSCAR.

6. OSCAR Pro EMR Orientation Videos for Beginners

If you're a new OSCAR Pro user, you should check out GP Services Committee's OSCAR EMR orientation videos. They give an overview of the EMR workflow of a patient's journey.

7. OSCAR EMR Training from an Oscar Developer

John Wilson is an Information Technology Analyst at McMaster University where they provide scripting, testing, and database support to OSCAR EMR. They have a series of different OSCAR training playlists on their YouTube channel that ranges from basic training videos to more advance training videos like how to create flowsheets.

At Cortico, our customer-focused approach and industry-leading engagement levels set us apart. By sharing these OSCAR EMR training resources, we hope to empower you to navigate your EMR system efficiently, ultimately delivering better patient care.

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