Oscar Plug-in (Paid Version)

Cortico's browser add-on for Oscar allows clinics to save even more staff and doctor time with workflow automation and shortcuts.

  • Works in Chrome/Firefox
  • Fixes several Oscar bugs and adds convenience functions
  • Access Cortico Telehealth visits and more, directly from Oscar.
  • Message patients directly, send recalls, automate pharmacy setting, automate eligibity checking.

Note: If you are just looking to install the add-on Click Here to Install! Note, you need Oscar EMR to use this.

Many repetitive tasks in the EMR are automated, or made faster and more convenient by Cortico's browser plug-in.

A free version of this add-on is available for those who are not yet Coritco subscribers is available described here.

The paid version, for Cortico subscribers also includes the following features.

More resources.
An overview video by Alfred Wong from the Cortico team.
A tutorial video on the plug-in by Cortico user John Robertson
If you're new to Oscar, visit this link for Oscar EMR Training resources.

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