EMR Integrations

Cortico support many Electronic Medical Record Systems

    Cortico provides patient engagement tools you can use with your favourite EMR.

    Cortico is "EMR Agnostic"

    We do our best to support connection to as many EMR vendors as possible, so patients enjoy the best experience while you can use the software you're familiar with. Patients can self register directly into your favourite EMR software seamlessly and saving your staff the effort of phone duty and data entry. Our goal is to save every healthcare professional an hour a day of time, regardless of what EMR they currently use!

    Current EMR Integrations

    Here are the EMRs we support now.

    • Oscar
    • Oscar compatible EMRs (Avaros, Juno)
    • Accuro
    • OpenEMR
    • More on the way (OpenMRS, Epic)!

    New EMR Integrations

    If you don't see your EMR on the list above, please reach out to us and we will do our best to get connected so your patients and staff can enjoy the time savings Cortico offers!

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