Oscar EMR

Patient Engagement Platform to supercharge Oscar EMR

  • Patients schedule appointments directly into Oscar
  • Automatically add appointments to doctor’s schedule in Oscar
  • Keep your patients’ contact info up-to-date
  • Allow out-of-province patients to book hassle-free

Cortico works seamlessly with Oscar EMR. It was originally built for Oscar, and has the richest integration of all with that EMR still. We believe Cortico combined with Oscar EMR provides one of the world's richest and most efficient primary care software experiences and are very excited to offer that to you!

Oscar EMR is an open source product, so you can run it yourself, or use an "Oscar Service Provider". Cortico itself does not host Oscar EMR for you, but the following companies do so. We are providing this information based on our latest understanding of the available Oscar providers. Please contact us to suggest any correcton to this content!

In addition, some great Oscar Compatible EMR systems are offered by:

  • Juno EMR - Offered in Ontario, Alberta and BC.
  • Avaros - Offered in Ontario only.

Not using Oscar?

If you don't already use Oscar, please contact an Oscar Service Provider to help you set up. Cortico works with all four providers listed on the OscarBC Website: https://oscarbc.ca/osp/

Cortico offers other integrations too.

Oscar EMR Desktop Image

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