Cortico Telemedicine

TeleMedicine, evolved

  • Single click video in the browser. No app, password (for patient), or setup required.
  • Secure: Each patient has a unique, secure link to identify the appointment. no data stored outside the EMR.
  • Access the chart, demographic and Rx directly from your video call (and vice versa)

Cortico set out to make telehealth better for patients, doctors and medical staff.

Time Savings
With Cortico, your video calls are directly linked from the EMR demographic record. No more searching for patients, wondering if you have the right person, or needing to take notes for charting after the call. Now you can spend the entire visit focused on healthcare. This often saves 10% to 20% of the doctor's time, for shorter duration family practice visits.

Video is a secure, encrypted stream, so there is no need to worry about a data breach of recordings as has happend with other platforms. The video only exists confidentially between doctor and patient.

See for yourself why clinics are
switching to Cortico.

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