White Labelled Patient Experience

Cortico highlights the brand of our clients.

  • Your Logo, name and contact details
  • Your colors and background image
  • Remove Cortico's name from header, for additional fee
  • Cortico is a relatively un-branded product. The clinic brand is primary, with its logo, main color, name and contact info featured prominently along with a background image. This is included in the standard package.
  • Our premium package allows removing "powered by Cortico" from the header.
  • Any additional whitelabelling work other than the above is relatively expensive because we have to do custom work. We discourage this because changing the layout of the product reduces usability and makes it hard for us to guarantee patients will have the same booking completion rate. Customizations cost $200/hr for most work, and $3000 if you want a custom domain. Keeping things consistent helps us provide the very best user experience to your patients.

See for yourself why clinics are
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