Essentials Plan Premium Plan Enterprise Plan

Essentials Plan

Streamline your practice.
  • Email, calendar and SMS reminders
  • Secure video appointment
  • EMR integration
  • Fully automated patient registration and booking
  • Patient file sharing and messaging
*Pricing is per month per full-time enabled schedule. Learn More for part-time or variable schedules. Minimum total monthly fee per customer is $99. Some EMRS charge additional integration fees, which Cortico covers 50%.
These are pricing plans for individual medical practices. If you need other services such as custom software for health systems, please speak to us directly.

Note: Some EMR providers charge a connection fee. Cortico pays 50% of this fee, and our customer pays the other half.

Features included in all Cortico packages

Patient self-registration

Reduce MOA/overhead costs and improve patient demographic collection. Less time waiting in line means happier patients and staff.

Online booking

It's quick and easy - any patient can book, confirm and cancel their own appointment

Virtual Care, Telehealth

Connect with patients to provide visual healthcare and prescription from your phone, tablet or computer - any time, 24/7.

Queue management

Patients are issued a number in queue and can track their position on their phone - no app required!

Appointment Reminders

Automatic email and/or text message appointment reminders drastically reduce losses from no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

Control patient visit flow

A flexible walk-in appointment system to help streamline the clinic appointment schedule and smooth out peaks and troughs.

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